Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coming Soon, Souly Mine!

Coming soon:
Souly Mine!

Being housebound wasn’t so bad, according to Zoey York. She’d always tried to make the best of what she had, to make a life for herself, even if she herself wasn’t well… alive. She was as happy as could be expected, had resolved herself to going mostly unseen for the remainder of her afterlife. That is until Adam buys the house she haunts, and without seeing, sees her.
Working as his housekeeper, she soon realizes he can affect in ways she never thought possible. During the day he frustrates her, angers her and makes her want to throttle him. But at night… Allowing him to believe she is nothing more than a dream she goes to him, his touch igniting a blazing fire within her body and soul.
Adam Cooper might be blind, but he can certainly sense Zoey. She is maddeningly frustrating, and meddlesome, and she smells of fresh peaches and he is drawn to her in a way he’d sworn never to be again. Though he refuses to allow her into his heart, he anxiously waits for her every night in his dreams where he can love her the way he desperately wishes while awake.

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