Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coming Soon, Souly Mine!

Coming soon:
Souly Mine!

Being housebound wasn’t so bad, according to Zoey York. She’d always tried to make the best of what she had, to make a life for herself, even if she herself wasn’t well… alive. She was as happy as could be expected, had resolved herself to going mostly unseen for the remainder of her afterlife. That is until Adam buys the house she haunts, and without seeing, sees her.
Working as his housekeeper, she soon realizes he can affect in ways she never thought possible. During the day he frustrates her, angers her and makes her want to throttle him. But at night… Allowing him to believe she is nothing more than a dream she goes to him, his touch igniting a blazing fire within her body and soul.
Adam Cooper might be blind, but he can certainly sense Zoey. She is maddeningly frustrating, and meddlesome, and she smells of fresh peaches and he is drawn to her in a way he’d sworn never to be again. Though he refuses to allow her into his heart, he anxiously waits for her every night in his dreams where he can love her the way he desperately wishes while awake.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coming Soon, Soul Be Mine!

I just typed "The End" on my 8th novel, and third in the Ghostly Love series, Soul Be Mine.

This book took a lot longer to write than most others, because it was while writing it that I found out I was pregnant. After taking off three months to sleep, I came back and finished a book I truly enjoyed and hope you all love, too!

I am now in editing more, where I along with two other pairs of eyeballs go over it and make sure everything is the best it can be for  my readers. My husband in the meantime will work on the cover, which I hope to post soon.

In the meantime don't forget to check out the book that started the series, "Souly Yours" for free through most e-book retailers!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tequila, Wolves and Stubborn Women Free!!

Check out my novel "Tequila, Wolves and Stubborn Women" for  free only at As a part of the July Summer/Winter sale, it will be offered free for a limited time only, when you use coupon code SW100.

When Lili visits her family’s Mexican hacienda, she's forced to relive her childhood heartbreak. Sebastian dislikes her just as much, for as a child she'd scarred him for life. But neither can seem to stay away from each other, especially when tequila is thrown into the mix!    

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there! Of course a very special happy day to my dad, Nick, and for my father-in-law, who is no longer with us but will forever remain my husband's hero.

Last, but certainly not least, Happy Father's Day to all the dads-to-be, including the love of my life, as he has already proved he will be an amazing father to the little girl we are expecting.

We love you all!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

For the past couple of months I have been attached to the couch, literally. In February, right in the middle of writing my new book I found out I was pregnant! I dropped everything, stopped writing and reading and started napping instead. I have been so tired that I just couldn't keep my eyes open long enough and my imagination shut down.

Back to the writing desk! I am happy to report that the sleeping spell is beginning to lift and along with my energy I have regained the desire to read and write again! The best part of all is that I am gaining new experiences that I will be able to write about. Being a mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords is here! has started their Read an Ebook week today, where you will find many great titles free or at a great discount, including my own, "Souly Yours." Great for all ereaders.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reading... A Simple Pleasure

I was doing some household chores yesterday, with the television on as background noise, when something came on that caught my attention. It was a young man talking about the importance of simple pleasures these days.

In difficult economic times, such as the one we are going through now, when most of us can't afford to buy large ticket items, take extravagant vacations, etc... it's the simple pleasures that get us through. For some it's a great meal, or perhaps a haircut or a manicure. Little things that won't break the bank, but will make you feel good.

For me, it's reading. You want to travel back in time and visit a Scottish castle? Do you want to solve a murder mystery or meet a brooding sexy vampire? Or maybe you just want to have a good laugh. Books can do all that and more. They make us sigh, or laugh or cry. They sweep us off our feet and make us forget our troubles for a while. They remind us that there is magic everywhere and that everything is possible.

I look forward to new releases as much as I do going on vacation. Some are a little pricier (though if you've been waiting a year for this one book then it's worth it), but there are also so many inexpensive books out there, especially now with e-readers, that are wonderful, that take you away for hours at a time. There are many books out there as low as .99 cents, or even free. You can even download most e-reader applications for free onto your computer!

So next time you're thinking about those simple pleasures in life, or the next time you need to get away for a while, think about all of the possibilities a great story can offer.

Happy Reading!

"Souly Yours" now free!

Check out one of my favorite books, Souly Yours, for free!

A week after Selena moves to New Orleans she begins to have vividly erotic dreams of a man she can't see but desperately wants. Eric walks the earth as an apparition. When Selena rents the apartment he resides in, his attraction to her overrides all else and he gives into the temptation to touch her. The way she responds to his caresses sends his soul to heights further than Heaven ever could.

Available at:


Friday, January 18, 2013

The Terrible Haircut

Dear terrible haircut, how you have distressed me on this day so cold,
With your strange lengths and lines and angles too bold.
I remember the morning, with hair so long and beautiful to behold,
Now it is gone and I think, what the hell happened? Oh, it must be my mind going old,
For how could I have forgotten this has happened once before,
Instead thinking, cut it again? Sure, why not, let's give it a go.
Are you long or are you short? Should I try to repair the insult done to you?
How much worse could I make it, anything would be better than this do.
Perhaps if I pull you will grow to even lengths, maybe at the least past my chin?
It would sure save me the misery of hiding you behind closed doors or caps and pins.
Sigh. Alas, there is nothing that I can do but let you be.
I must wait for you to grow, but please hear my plea...
Grow little-short-long hair. Grow for me and I promise to never do this again,
That is until the next time. What can I say, sometimes I have an addled brain.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year to all!

So this is a year I am especially excited about.

First off, for Christmas my husband gave me something I've been wanting for a long time. A trip to Ireland! I am looking so forward to my trip I wish I could start packing now. I can only imagine the stories that will be born from my visits to all those castles!

Secondly, I have many stories in my head that are dying to get on paper this year, one of which I have just started writing. It's funny, every time I sit to start a new book my biggest fear is that the words will not come, that I will draw a blank. Sure, I have the idea of the story in my head when I sit, but it's the details, the dialogue, how a character gets from point A to point B, that only become clear once I start typing. The process never fails to amaze me, and yesterday did not dissapoint.

I can't wait to see what else the year has in store for me!